The Trials and Triumphs of Missy Koch Billingsley

”To believe is to be strong. I experienced this twice in the year of 1983 –– the 'Canes winning the national title, and seeing Missy fight her battle with cancer.  Thanks, Missy, for being a part of that special year –– and for sharing your story in Run to Win.”

–– Howard Schnellenberger

Coach of the 1983 national champion University of Miami Hurricanes


”Missy has been a tremendous inspiration to many who face some of the more difficult challenges life presents. Whether or not that describes your current situation, I encourage you to read Run To Win. You'll be glad you did.”

–– Bob Griese

Hall of Fame quarterback of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins



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”While shooting the photography for Run to Win, a lady nearby asked, ‘She’s someone important, isn’t she?’ I smiled and anwered, ‘Yes, she is somebody pretty important.’ The thing about Missy is never one time did I hear her complain about things being unfair. I never heard her saying the doctor screwed her over, or God screwed her over. She always dealt with her challenges as a temporary problem.”

–– Bill Frakes

                                    Award-winning photographer for Sports Illustrated


An amazing story of faith and courage, and a lesson for us all to hopefully learn that we can overcome any obstacle in life. Run to Win: The Trials and Triumphs of Missy Koch Billingsley, is sure to be a bestseller and will inspire many.”

–– H.K. Gilbert

Children's book author and literacy activist. Encouraging parents to spend quality time with their children by reading to them every day. Creator of Barkley Secret Service Dog and children's book series.

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”A heart-rendering story of tragedy and family’s dealing successfully with cancer, amputation, and the joyful adoption of three Ukrainian children...and through the wife’s example, her husband’s faith is restored and strengthened.”

–– Dr. Walter Barbe

Former editor in chief of Highlights for Children magazine