The Trials and Triumphs of Missy Koch Billingsley

”OK, it took me 5:49 and 2 cups of coffee to read this straight through with the DVD this morning... and that includes the tears. What a beautiful love story in so many ways!”

–– Gay Boggs

Tilaran, Costa Rica


”I cannot stop talking about this book. I watched the videos last night over and over...listening to the music and taking it all in. I wanted to pick up the next volume and start reading it. So, I think the saga must continue! I really don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now!”

–– Lisa DeMahy

Miami, Florida



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”You are a terrific author! Hope this is the first of many, many books. It’s a real “page-turner” and I’m frustrated every time I have to put it down to get something done or run and errand.”

–– Marty Gooden

Miami, Florida

After teaching Todd as a high school student, I could not wait to read RUN TO WIN. I began reading immediately after getting it out of the mailbox. I literally could not stop reading except to weep again and again for Missy’s trials. This was followed by tears of joy as I read of their love and marriage. I was astounded at the depth of feeling Todd expressed as they tried to start a family. Could there be more? The answer is YES! How God blessed them with three beautiful children is thrilling. I couldn’t wait to pull out the DVD to see and hear evidence of their lives together. I finished looking at it at midnight just a few days after receiving the book. God surely has His hand on Missy and Todd.”

–– Marian Brown

Spring Hill, Tennessee


RUN TO WIN has been just a wonderful read! I always tell friends when they wonder how I deal with sorrow and loss that we all go through times of pain; no one in immune. Thank you for the book. So much fun (your courtship was a hoot!), encouragement, and a great testimony.”

–– Tim Morse

Narrowsburg, New York


Missy’s story was both heartbreaking and inspiring. How one person can be so focused and so strong in body, mind and spirit is beyond me, but she does it with grace and resolve the whole way. If you have ever struggled with anything in your life, you need to read RUN TO WIN. Her example of strength and character will push you through your struggle just like she pushed through hers.”

–– Suzanne Payne

Mufreesboro, Tennessee


” unbelievable true account of Missy Billingsley and her family...a story of courage and hope that had to be told. All who read this book will agree...I predict RUN TO WIN will become a movie.

–– Eileen Crenshaw

Nashville, Tennessee


”I just finished reading page 170 and the feelings I have after reading the last 5 words did something to me that I can’t quite articulate.”

–– Daryl McCray

Charlotte, North Carolina


Just watched the DVD and was thrilled all over again! RUN TO WIN arrived as I was leaving town over the weekend, so took it and read it cover to cover...I couldn’t put it down! Seeing the DVD was a double blessing! I haven’t ever used this term before, but it’s a ‘must-read-and-see.’”

–– Nan Grantham

Clinton, Mississippi


Just got the book today from my mom, and I can’t put it down! And I’m not even a reader! I’m on page 46 and all I can say is...WOW!”

–– Priscilla Wagner

Hallandale Beach, Florida


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”I was consumed by RUN TO WIN since Friday night, and just finished it. What a story! I have never experienced reading a book, watching video clips and listening to music composed for the story all at once and I loved it!”

–– Vivian Coelho

Miami, Florida


RUN TO WIN is a ‘must read’ book.”

–– Pat Henderson

Miami, Florida


I have to say...this is one of those books that I could not put down! Highly recommend!”

–– Ana DeHombre Litchfield

Charlotte, NC


I read my copy of RUN TO WIN immediately as soon as I got it. In fact I couldn’t even put it down I was so captivated by Missy’s story! The photos were incredible and helped to make you feel even more a part of Missy and Todd’s lives and journey. The soundtrack was amazing! Missy is a true inspiration!”

–– Nicie Bailey

Hendersonville, TN